sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2011


1991 UK
Promotional Item

U2 Achtung Baby - Berlin Wall Fragment
Extremely rare 1991 UK official promotional-only presentation
 pack featuring a genuine fragment of the Berlin Wall
from the opening of the border on 9th November 1989 plus
 a 1½" white model Trabant caras a symbol of freedom
 housed in a special 4½" x 2½" clear plastic display case with
a certificate of authenticity in both German & English
 text with background display featuring 'graffiti' style band and album logos.
This remarkable item wasused to promote the Achtung Baby album and is
 one of the most scarce and unique U2 collectables!

Back of case with certification of this being a piece of the Berlin Wall and the Achtung Baby logo.